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Inflight Publishing is a specialist publisher producing magazines that can be found in airports, on board planes, within mine sites, and even on ferries across Australia and in New Zealand. 

We also publish and distribute The Tradie Magazine.

The TRADIE Magazine is a complimentary monthly, full colour, high quality, glossy magazine with editorial content to inform and entertain employers and employees of the Tradie industry, with a particular emphasis on lifestyle, innovation and industry needs.

Our Airport and Inflight Magazines run bi-monthly, and we also produce quality custom publications for assorted businesses including annual reports, brochures, telephone directories, exhibition guides and more.

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The Tradie

The TRADIE is the voice of one million Aussie tradies. A coffee table mag we ain'€™t, but you will find us hanging around the caffeine machines and lunch rooms on construction sites throughout Austr...

FREEGO F2/F3 PADDO 2-wheel off road scooter!

Free Go

FREEGO F2/F3 PADDO 2-wheel off road scooter! Inflight Publishing is now an importer and Australian agent for the FREEGO F2/F3 PADDO 2-wheel off road scooter! We will be retailing them in Australia f..

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